Kurogane [AU] (blackensteel) wrote in higure_rp,
Kurogane [AU]

Um... Dead.

*Kurogane Suwa, healthy upholder of the law, age 26 or 182 in dog years. Maybe his blood pressure is a bit high, but besides that, healthy. He peruses the shelves of books, bored but healthy, unaware that he has five seconds left to live.

1... 2 and still healthy. 3...

He reaches for a book, relieved to have finally found one that didn't look boring. 5. Fit Kurogane Suwa has the most unfortunate experience of having his heart just stop. Just enough life left in him for his body to feel it yet not enough to understand what it was.

The Dog is dead before he hits the ground, red eyes glazed as they stare up at the ceiling. His last breath escapes slowly through slightly parted lips.*

((OOC: In the bookstore, with the lead pipe, by MR. GREEN! I never trusted that man... Since I've been freakishly inactive here and will be for a little while longer, I decided I needed to post something. So Kurogane's dead as a doornail and so shall he stay until I have the time and energy to make him wake up again.

Please do not bury, cremate, float him down the river, do an autopsy, mummify, or make the puppy a zombie, or touch his stuff damn it. Getting ready to do any of those things is just dandy, just contact me before anything drastic happens to his body. Good luck moving the lug... <3))
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