Just a small warning {Video}

[Due to the magic rain, Fai is currently blind. It isn't stopping him from target practice though. In the background you can see a target set up and a slightly clouded eye, staring blankly at the screen]

If anyone is thinking about heading into the eastern corridor, please be careful. I don't want to hurt someone by accident.

Um... Dead.

*Kurogane Suwa, healthy upholder of the law, age 26 or 182 in dog years. Maybe his blood pressure is a bit high, but besides that, healthy. He peruses the shelves of books, bored but healthy, unaware that he has five seconds left to live.

1... 2 and still healthy. 3...

He reaches for a book, relieved to have finally found one that didn't look boring. 5. Fit Kurogane Suwa has the most unfortunate experience of having his heart just stop. Just enough life left in him for his body to feel it yet not enough to understand what it was.

The Dog is dead before he hits the ground, red eyes glazed as they stare up at the ceiling. His last breath escapes slowly through slightly parted lips.*

((OOC: In the bookstore, with the lead pipe, by MR. GREEN! I never trusted that man... Since I've been freakishly inactive here and will be for a little while longer, I decided I needed to post something. So Kurogane's dead as a doornail and so shall he stay until I have the time and energy to make him wake up again.

Please do not bury, cremate, float him down the river, do an autopsy, mummify, or make the puppy a zombie, or touch his stuff damn it. Getting ready to do any of those things is just dandy, just contact me before anything drastic happens to his body. Good luck moving the lug... <3))
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Public Service Announcement

*The PA system crackles to life in every room in the mall and a solemn sounding mayor speaks*

I have just been informed that there is at least one shape shifter in the mall. Everyone is advised to be alert for any odd behavior or smoke. It would also be best to stay with at least one other at all times.

The animalistic Mr. Fluorite and Mr. Suwa were both attacked and are now resting.

Again, please be alert.

just as planned

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*If you push the door of one of the shops you’ll find Yuuko is grinning from ear to ear , soaked but comfortably installed on the ground...*

My~ looks like I’m not the only one who found heaven in this place ~Come on dear, sit down ; the more the merrier~♥.

*Yes, well guessed, you found where the liquor is sold. And it seems that the witch started to make up for those long abstinence days*

"It would be so nice if something made sense for a change"

*He watches the mayor walking away after the odd and brief introduction to this world before looking back at everyone else, wide eyed and utterly confused*

Uh... Hello?

*The boy smiles slightly, looking lost but not too bad. Mostly confused about landing in a strange new world surrounded by strangers*

Where am I again? This doesn't feel like the Abyss...

*He looks around again, not sure what to to think now. This place seemed more... in order then the Abyss. Maybe he was just kidnapped again. Though that would hardly explain the heavy backpack and box thing in his hand. Yeah... He couldn't explain this, so he just looks back up at everyone else to see what they had to say.*

Water Run

*Kurogane scowled at the tent still in its bag and waiting to be set up. It could wait. The Dog grabbed the empty gallon container brought from the city and started walking towards the thing passing as the path down to the river. The mayor mentioned the water was clean and Kurogane didn't see many other options other then trusting that. Boiling it should work well enough.*

I'll go get water.

*The 'If anyone wants to come' was not implied but he wouldn't mind that much if someone decided his announcement was an open invitation. Maybe.*